Unity Stamp Frenzy - Part 5

August 16, 2012

Much drama surrounds this round of order from Unity. 

No no, not in any way is Unity at fault. It's the in betweens. I've ordered my favorite red rubber since June. Due to the international shipping, I usually expect to get my order  between 3-5 weeks. July came and went, still nothing. August came, and still ... no news at all. I called the local PO and checked, my package couldn't be tracked, leaving zero trace. I mailed Andrea to check and no news from their PO as well. After about 2 months of waiting.. I thought my package was lost forever. 

Until today! The package mysteriously arrived. It was cleared from customs early July and only reached me today. While I'm still in a shocked mode, boy, am I glad it arrived!! 

So, what did I get this time? Some new releases and itty bitty!

Did you see how HUGE some of the stamps are? *WOW*!! Can't wait to have some scrappy time with them. And Unity, being (the best) Unity.. had a promotion of choosing our very own FREE kits for spending a certain amount, and I got to choose TWO!!!

Oh yes, I LOVE Unity. 

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