DIY Snowglobes

December 10, 2013

Fancy making your very own snowglobes? This year I decided to make some of my own with some very simple supplies. 

1. Get your scrappy supplies: Clean jars / Sequins / Sugar Dust (or any glitter) / Hot Glue Gun / Plastic ornament / Ribbon

2. Hot glue your plastic ornament onto the lid of the jar and let dry.

3. Fill your jar about 3/4 with water (enough to cover your ornament).

4. Fill it with as much glitter and sequins as you want. Some would add glycerin to let the glitter fall slower - but I didn't and it was still fine.

5. Screw the lid of the jar back on. If you want to avoid leakage and be extra secured - put some hot glue around the inside of the lid before you screw it on.

6. Tie a ribbon on your jar and you have your very own snowglobe!!


Now, go make some of your own snowglobes today and impress your friends when they come over for Christmas! :)

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