DIY : Organize your clear stamps

April 01, 2014

Are you like me?? I have TONS of clear stamps which are thrown in drawers, on my table ... everywhere! I had no idea on how to organize them and keep them all in sight. As you know - if they are not in sight, you won't use them. *lol*

So over the weekends - I organized them in these pretty binders! All at a very low cost. 

All you need are:
+ A two ring binder
+ Some DVD clear pockets
+ White cardstock
+ Ribbon
+ Clear / Rubber stamps

This DIY method eliminates the expensive cost of getting the actual branded scrappy pockets + binders.

1. Cut a white cardstock to make the pocket more sturdy
2. Your clear stamps come with the acetate/plastic pieces, so put it in the pocket just as it is. (You can also put in rubber stamps in these binders)
3. For the bigger clear stamps pieces, I cut them into two and put them into two pockets so that it would fit.
4. Finally, label each pocket by making your own label OR just use the brand packaging that comes with it, like below.

Simple and easy!!  Just under 1 hour to get it all organized. Hope this simple tip helps you! :)

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  1. Those binders are so pretty! I'm sure it will increase your mojo in creating more cards.
    I'm also in the progress or reorganizing my stamps. Just that I don't have a shelf I can't have binders so I'm looking for other ways.
    Anyway, your cards are pretty and looking forward to see more of your cards.

    1. Thanks for visiting Petti. Happy organizing ;) and thanks for the sweet comments


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