Documented Faith - Blessed Friends Ambassador

October 09, 2016

Happy news!
If you are already following me on Instagram HERE, you might have already heard that I am on the Documented Faith "Blessed Friends" Ambassadors team [Check out the announcement HERE]

I am SO SO blessed and delighted to be on this new team and the ladies who are on this team are just a bunch of talented and VERY inspiring team! I am also so excited to start this new journey of faith journaling and reading more of the Word of God. *excited*!

Oh, if you are wondering why have I not been posting MORE photos on #documentedfaith ... I am still waiting for my swag bag filled with Documented Faith yummy goodies. 
So till then, I have printed myself a free paintable.. yups, FREE, from Stephanie Ackerman's blog HERE and painted it with my Peerless watercolors and Tombow dual brush marker pens.

ScrappyScrappy: Documented Faith - Blessed Friends Ambassador #scrappyscrappy #documentedfaith #stephanieackerman #biblejournaling #bible #jesus

This will be going into my faith planner soon! 
Till then, do follow me here for my latest updates:

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