Basic Grey Warehouse Sale Box

October 31, 2012

I'm not sure if this is their first time doing it, but I couldn't find any references to any previous warehouse sale box by Basic Grey. So this is a good time to splurge for Basic Grey if you are a fan. A box full of Basic Grey goodies (worth $115) for only $38! According to their FB page, no one box is alike. For US Shipping, it's $9.95 but if you buy more than one, it's FREE. For international shipping, it's about $50 (not sure if you buy more than a box, how's the shipping like though).

Click here to order

Updates [02 Nov 2012]:
1. Yes, this is the first ever BG warehouse box sale! It will consist of over 50 pieces of paper, stickers, embellies.. even from the "What's Up" collection.
2. No two boxes are alike
3. International shipping is charged per box. No free shipping if you order more than 1 box.

*I am glad I got a box!* :)

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  1. I bought 2 so i could get free shipping - yes that is a very weird rationalization. Now i'm obsessed with finding out what is inside!

    1. haha me too! i've been trying to google to see if anyone has any idea what's inside. no luck with that though. i want a box too (maybe two!) hehe.


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