Envelope Punch Board .. revisited!

February 25, 2014

From my last post, many were interested in making these and asked for a tutorial. 

Well, why reinvent the wheel right? So, instead of showing you how to make these - why not watch the tutorial for yourself? :)

These are links I got off from very talented ladies from Youtube. Enjoy! :)

Gift Box

Mini open basket

Christmas Bon Bon Cracker (Candy treatbox)

Gift bows #1

Gift Bows #2


Gift Bag

Tab Tie Box

And a bonus for you, how to make 5 different sized boxed with just ONE 12x12 piece of paper :)

Hope these links are helpful to you. Enjoy exploring with your Envelope Punch Board!! :)

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  1. owh noo.... this is awesome!! i need to get this tool! gift bows, cool! i really need this if running project in hurry! Nice work dear!

    1. You are most welcome dear!! :) Enjoy playing with your board! :)


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