Copic Ciao markers: DIY Label + Color Chart

June 01, 2014

So, just last week - I finally got my Copic Ciao Set B markers and I am estatic! More colors to play with :)  And when I got my Ciao markers, first thing I did was to make my own lid labels.

So before I show you how ... 

For those who are new to Copic markers, here's a quick difference between the types of Copic markers in the market. 

1. Copic Sketch markers

2. Copic Ciao markers

3.  Copic Wide markers

Images taken from the Copic store.


As you can see, the Copic Ciao markers do not have a label on their lids. They are the most economical - guess that's why we have to label it on our own :)

Fret NOT! I have the simple solution for you.


1. Download the Copic Ciao lid labels from Asela Hopkin's blog HERE
Thanks Asela for the free file!

2. Print the chart out and start punching with a standard sized office-2hole-puncher!

3. Get some mini glue dots and stick it onto your Ciao marker's lid and ... this is the beautiful result! Pssst... I re-arranged them in their color groups too! :)

(At the time I took this shot, I couldn't complete labeling it as I ran out of mini glue dots.. haha! But you get the drift)

Oh!! And I also did a color chart for my markers too.

Here's the color chart I used - created by Ellen Jarvis (Thanks!) HERE.

Hope this post has been helpful for all Copic Ciao lovers :) Have an awesome week ahead.

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  1. Thanks so much for the chart for the caps on the ciao copic markers. I have been looking for this and haven't been able to get through a link to it until I found it on your site. So happy to finally get through and able to print it off. Thank you again! Nana

  2. Thank you! my markers look awesome now! :)


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