Let's Rainbow Loom!

July 18, 2014

So, it's finally here in my local store and I just had to try it!! What am I talking about?

It's the Rainbow Loom! 

Created by a fellow countryman (awww, you make us all so proud!), this box of goodies is so addictive!!

Inside the box you will get:
One Rainbow Loom
One Mini Rainbow Loom
One Metal Hook
A bag of 600+ mixed color latex-free rubber bands (colors may vary)
A bag of c-clips
Instruction manual for making simple bracelets. 

 I can definitely say that I will be spending lots of time doing more stuff from these bands!

Here is my FIRST attempt at making my own Starburst Rainbow Loom bracelet!!

Are you into Rainbow Loom as well? Leave me a comment on what you have tried making with them! :)

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  1. My daughter has one but hasn't got it all figured out yet. Hoping she will soon. I'll show her your bracelet once she wakes up.

    1. It's really fun :) she may want to watch some YouTube videos to help her figure it out. That's what I did ;)


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