New VIDEO: Velveteen Stamping

July 18, 2015

Happy Weekend! 

I saw this technique and had to try it out for myself --- so I made a quick tip video for you in case you are interested too. :)

Today's technique: Velveteen Stamping

Watch video below | Watch video at Youtube

Here's the card up close!
The list of supplies are listed in the description section on my video link.

ScrappyScrappy: Velveteen stamping #scrappyscrappy #unitystampco #quicktipvideo

Don't you love that pattern showing through the stamps?
Imagine the possibilities!

ScrappyScrappy: Velveteen stamping #scrappyscrappy #unitystampco #quicktipvideo

Hope you've enjoyed my quick tip video.
Thanks for stopping by.

Have a crafty weekend!

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